Oklahoma Childcare Licensing and Regulations

Whether you are a parent looking for a child care facility for your children, or an individual planning on setting up a child care facility in Oklahoma, there are a number of licensing requirements and regulations that are setup for your guidance as regards your specific concerns.

To begin with, there are a number of childcare centers in Oklahoma for your consideration. There are the Child Care Centers; which are the facilities providing child care and supervision for children in a drop-in basis, Part-Day Children’s Programs which provides pre-school education on along with supervision, and the School Age Programs and Summer Day Camps, which provides summer camps, summer parks, and before and after school programs.

There are also child care facilities that offer their services in the family home such as the Family Child Care Homes and Large Child Care Homes. Finally, there is the Child Placing Agency which aids in the placement of children in foster family homes; and the Residential Child Care Facility and Children’s Center which provides for homes for children who are in need of temporary emergency care. These various child care facilities are subject to accreditation by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, and are constantly required to comply with the continuing requirements as set by the same department as well.

Child care services provider intending to become a licensed provide will have to obtain the application forms from http://www.okdhs.org/programsandservices/cc/prvdrs/lic/docs/requirements.htm. Upon successful download of the document and completion of the same, the application form will then be submitted for consideration to the department. Depending on the child care facility you intend to put up, other requirements may be required of you. To name some, there is proof of ownership or sponsorship, child care staff summary, documentation that the director has met all the necessary credentials, criminal background check, and many others.

On top of the qualifications required of your employees, your physical facility will be submitted for determination of its fitness for the purpose. For instance, you will have to possess a documentation of fire approval within 12 months, and a documentation of health approval for the same period of time. Since the setting up of your own child care center is not a right but a mere privilege regulated by the Department, you will have to comply with a number of continuing requirements even after your application for the same has been approved.

Parents who are looking for licensed child care facility in Oklahoma may also take heed in the listing found on http://www.okdhs.org/programsandservices/cc/prnts/default.htm. On the same link will you find some other useful information in your search for qualified child care facility. It is immensely important to check on the list of accredited child care service providers before you commit your child to the same. It is likewise important to visit the child care facility beforehand, and personally ascertaining the fitness of the organization to take care of your child. Among many others, your child’s welfare should be your topmost priority, and trusting only the licensed child care facility is the first step.